A Deluxe DGR CUSTOM is is based on a Defiance or other custom action and includes:
  • A premium match grade stainless steel barrel.
  • The custom fiberglass stock is fitted to the owner, glass bedded to the action, and painted one color.
  • The barrel is fired for basic break-in, 1& clean, 2& clean, 3& clean, 4& clean, 5& clean, 5& clean, 5& clean for a total of 25 rounds.
    The rifle must pass accuracy standards during this break-in period.
  • The caliber is Hand Engraved by Mark Hoechst.
MANY OPTIONS are available, and these can be discussed on an item by item basis. Remember, this is YOURDREAM RIFLE, and WE want to build as close to that dream as is practical and functional for the purpose You intend to use the rifle.

Please allow time for our photos to load. We wanted to show you the quality that we build. For full size photos please click on the image and it will open in a new window. These are photos of our "Deluxe Rifle".

7mm STW

Nesika action, Douglas XX air gauge 30" barrel, Holland Brake, Custom Tooley MBR stock

7mm STW

223 AI

Prairie Gun Works Action, PacNor Barrel

VHA 1997 6MM BR

Nesika BR action, Black Star Barrel

VHA 1999 244 AI

Nesika K action, Krieger Barrel, Tracker Stock

257 DGR

Nesika K Hunter Action, Douglas Barrel