Please allow time for our photos to load. We wanted to show you the quality that we build. For full size photos please click on the image and it will open in a new window. These are photos of some of the DGR Custom Rifles we've built.

6mm AI


Duracoat on barrel


7MM 08

Ruger 77 Action, K&P Barrel, KDF Muzzel Break

223 Rem

Rem 700 Action, PacNor Barrel

22-250 AI

700 Rem Action, Douglas Barrel

22-243 Middlested

700 Rem, Shilen Barrel

257 DGR

Model 7 Rem Action, Shilen Barrel

Multi rifle

Left to Right, 338 Mag, FN Action, Douglas Barrel, 222 Mag, 700 Action K&P Barrel, 223 Rem 700 Action, Shilen Barrel

22-243 Middlested

700 Rem Action, Douglas Barrel