A Standard DGR CUSTOM is based on a Remington 700 action or clone includes:

  • A premium match grade stainless steel barrel.
  • The action is "blueprinted" to enhance potential accuracy and the barrel is fitted to minimum tolerances for maximum accuracy and reliable function in a hunting situation.
    A heavy stainless steel barrel lug replaces the factory lug.
  • The custom fiberglass stock is glass bedded to the action, and painted one color.
  • The caliber is Hand Engraved by Mark Hoechst.

MANY OPTIONS are available, and these can be discussed on an item by item basis. Remember, this is YOURDREAM RIFLE, and WE want to build as close to that dream as is practical and functional for the purpose You intend to use the rifle.

Please allow time for our photos to load. We wanted to show you the quality that we build. For full size photos please click on the image and it will open in a new window. These are photos of our "Standard Rifle".

243 win

700 action, Douglas XX SS barrel, Holland muzzle break, laminated thumb hole stock

6mm AI

700 SS action, custom thumbhole synthetic stock


LH 700 action, SS match grade barrel, Vias muzzle brake, Tactical stock


223 Rem

700 rem action, Douglas XX SS barrel

22 PPC

Sleeved 700 action, Hart SS barrel

300 Win Mag

700 Action, Douglas XX SS barrel, KDF muzzle brake, custom fiberglass stock


308 Win

LH 700, Mcmillan stock, Douglas barrel

308 Win

flip side

22 BR

Douglas Barrel, Holland Break, 700 Rem Action