257 DGR

The 257 DGR was designed by Gunsmith/Hunter Duane Spooner, owner/operator of Duane’s Gun Repair. The cartridge is based on a 260 Rem. case, necked down to 25 caliber, with the shoulder pushed back, diameter increased slightly, and the shoulder angle changed to 30 degrees. The result is an efficient, modern design that fits a 2.85” short action magazine, with performance levels that are perfect for the shooter who wants one rifle from small varmints through antelope and deer. Velocity levels from a 24″ barrel with 75gr bullets will reach 3700+fps, and 100 gr bullets will obtain 3200+fps. Another plus to the 257DGR is that the case is formed 98%+ with the reloading die, so there is no real loss in accuracy or velocity when hunting with new ammo.