About Us

Thank you for your interest in DGR CUSTOM RIFLES. I hope the following information will answer some of your questions. DGR CUSTOM RIFLES are assembled with only time tested and proven quality components. Each of these parts are hand fitted to assure the best possible accuracy potential of the rifle. Each DGR CUSTOM RIFLE is then test fired for accuracy, and no rifle is sent to the customer until the targets say it is ready to meet the owners expectations.

DUANE’S GUN REPAIR began business in 1974, as a hobby, and became a full time business in 1987 after I attended and completed the gunsmithing program (1972 hours) at the Colorado School Of Trades in Lakewood, CO. DGR is a full service gunsmithing shop, repairing between 600-800 rifles and shotguns each year. I am assisted in the shop and business by my wife Kristie and 3 children; Josh, Andrea, and Eric. We at DGR take pride in knowing what a hunter/shooter is looking for in service and equipment, because every family member hunts and shoots for recreation.

DGR CUSTOM RIFLES are a growing part of the business with each year adding more satisfied owners to the “family”. Present turn around time is from 6 months to 1 year depending on availability of components and the time of the year the rifle is ordered ( I need some time to hunt too!).

DGR CUSTOM RIFLES can be and are built on a variety of actions; Defiance, Remington 700, Mauser 98, Win 70, Ruger 77, etc. The only action I will not build on is one that I feel is unsafe or incorrect for the intended use of the rifle. Most DGR CUSTOM RIFLES are built on custom fiberglass stocks, but wood and laminated wood stocks are also an option.

The number one reason to build a DGR CUSTOM RIFLE is to have a rifle that fulfills YOUR expectations to 100% for accuracy, fit and function.

All of us here at DGR thank you again for your interest in our product and are looking forward to welcoming you into our “family” of satisfied customers and owners.