FFL Transfers

Yes we do FFL Transfers.

Q: Do you have a fee?
A: Yes we have a standard fee of $30 per firearm.

Q: If I buy a gun online how do I get it to you?
A: The Dealer will need to email us at ffl@duanesguns.com. We can then exchange FFL’s with the dealer and they can ship it to us. You can fill out the form below to start the process with us.

Please feel free to call us with questions at 701-367-7533 or fill out the form below:

Please include First and Last
Please Provide your email for us to contact you as well.
This is the FFL in which you will be having the firearm shipped from. We need this to be able to get their FFL and begin the transfer process.
Please provide a phone or a best contact method for the FFL
Please Provide your FFL email if you know it and are able to.
Please add any additional information we may need to contact you or the FFL holder.